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Bliss Balance

Bliss-Balance insightfully encourages and wholeheartedly supports you to close the gap between where you find yourself at this moment to how you want to be feeling:


Moments of blissful relaxation.

Supported by tools and techniques to release stress.

Vibrantly healthy and spiritually connected. 

Joyfully balanced in all areas of your life.

Your first step to achieving Bliss-Balance is self-love through self-care. 

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Angelika Klotz |

Hello, welcome to Bliss-Balance. I am so glad we found each other. 

With Bliss-Balance you have a committed partner who is empathetic to your worries and concerns, who will support your journey to improve your health and enhance your state of well-being. 


You will be inspired to align your relationships and life with your heart’s desire. With gentle guidance,  you’ll discover your true north and tap into your most powerful asset - the deep truth of your heart and spirit. 


Tuning into your high vibrational ability to heal, you’ll discover your ability to access your natural bliss state when you need it most - no matter what life throws at you.

Bliss-Balance - Up-lifting and inspiring Self-Care Rituals

Are you feeling...

To be truly satisfied and ultimately relaxed and balanced, your self-care routine needs to be aligned with your needs. 

Each of us have very specific self-care rituals that suit our personality; there is no one size fits all. Your self-care might not have been as effective as it could be because you did not know what your self-care type was. 


With my healing coaching work I help you to find a personalised program so you can focus on what you truly need and desire to feel healthy and balanced.


To find out your personal self-care type, take my "Find Your Self-Care Type" Quiz. The results may surprise you! 

As if there are never enough hours in the day to juggle everything and you are the last person you take care of?


You would like to start a self-care routine but you have no idea where to begin?


Frustrated because all the self-care rituals you have tried don't really hit the sweet spot?

Download the free quiz here!

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Cherished Retreats |

Thank you so very much for the session, I have been working on everything you suggested and you were spot on with the symptoms.

I told my doctor about you yesterday, and she was very impressed with the help you have given me. I told her you were my personal angel .

I feel more like myself now.  I am pleased about that. 

Thank you again very much, I really appreciate your help.



~ Lynn️

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