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Angelika Klotz |

Angelika is certified in practicing and teaching Aromatherapy, Aromatic Kinesiology, Esogetic Colourpuncture and Energy Emission Analysis, and Reiki. She is also certified as an advanced  BodyTalker and PaRama Practitioner, and she holds a diploma for Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Growing up in Germany, Angelika was always interested in health care and in learning ways to assist others. She trained in allopathic medicine and worked as a Laboratory Technician and Pediatric Nurse. Being over-stretched as a young mother resulted in back surgery which sparked her interest in complementary healing and seeking support of other women.


While living in Asia for 15 years, Angelika turned to studying many alternative healing modalities influenced by Eastern philosophies. She has created a very unique blend of these therapies in her practice supporting women stressed by modern day life, cracking under the pressure that is put on them by society and who are on a crossroads in their lives. Education, self-care tips and rituals play a big role in encouraging women on their path to becoming healthy and whole again.


In 2005 she made Auckland, New Zealand her home where she resides with her husband of 40 years, her daughter, four grandkids, and 102 essential oils. 


Besides teaching other practitioners and running her private practice Angelika is currently creating further online trainings and retreats to support the global community of women on a healing journey. 

If you are on the path and you like to get to know your unique self-care type, take my Find Your Self-Care Type Quiz and be surprised by the results.

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