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Healing Coaching Sessions

Using various intuitive techniques and empathetic inquiries will support you to bring forward your inner brilliance and glowing radiance that help you to tackle life in its entirety. Together we will polish up your sparkle to full luster and allow your glorious wings to spread. 


I am passionate to help you bring forward Bliss-Balance.

Bliss balance definition |

I have seen the challenges when emotions are running high. I have experienced that physiological and psychological pain can dim the passion of life. I am sympathetic of anyone who is so worried that sleeping well is out of the question.

You deserve a  personal cheerleading holistic health coach who is wholeheartedly dedicated in assisting you overcome limitations and obstructions in order for you to unlock your heart’s potential. You will uncover your soul’s longing to embrace life with confidence and ease. You will unfold your innermost harmonious being to gracefully spread your wings, and live the blissfully balanced life you deserve with joy and ease. 

Personal sessions can be in person (in Auckland, New Zealand) or long-distance.

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